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Infinitee Positioning Arms + Tanner Pro

With the Infinitee Positioning Arms and Tanner Pro Combo Pack, you will get an Infinitee Positioning Arm set including the Shaft Collar along with the Tanner Pro Tee. When you turn the Tanner Tee into an Infinitee you will have the equipment that will improve the skills of your hitters.  We recommend putting the Tanner Pro on a Portable Home Plate to give the hitter a point of reference to see all the inside and outside pitches as well as all the pitches in between. When you purchase the combo pack, you will be giving your athletes the best tools needed to create complete hitters.

The MSRP of the Tanner Pro is $100.00 The MSRP of the Infinitee Positioning Arms  is $69.00 We are doing $10 off the combo pack for a total of $159.00.