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Infinitee Positioning Arms

The Infinitee Positioning Arm allows your baseball and softball athletes to create a complete swing through every area of the strike zone, which allows them to focus on picking up the ball in a live situation. The Infinitee Positioning Arms can be installed on many tees on the market. Some we know of right now are, Tanner Tees, G Tee, Jugs, SKLZ, Atec, Maxover, more...

Installation takes just a few seconds. We send instructions on how to do it. All you need to do is cut the plastic rod, install that provided shaft collar, place your Infinitee on and you are ready to go. We know it can be a little scary cutting the top off your hitting tee. We promise that you wont regret it though. The benefits of Infinitee are so worth it. You wonder why you waited until now to get one.