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Train Your Athletes to be Complete Hitters

Are you a coach or parent coach looking for techniques to teach your athletes how to adjust their swings to cover all nine areas of the strike zone? Are you interested in equipment that saves precious time during practice, so you don’t have to continually move your tee around? If so, Infinitee is the perfect solution for you! As a coach, you know how difficult it is for your athletes to make consistent contact all over the strike zone. Continually moving your tee to different areas of the plate takes time during practice, and that time could be better spent training your team for other aspects of the game. With Infinitee’s fully rotating arms, you don’t have to worry about moving the entire tee, and the adjustable Infinitee Positioning Arm lets your athletes move the pitch’s location with ease, covering an infinite number of hitting locations!

Two Ways to Buy

The Infinitee Positioning Arm can be purchased and installed on the tee you already own.

Our goal is to improve how tees function.You can turn your tee into an infinite positioning tee for a very low investment compared to other multi-position tees on the market. Infinitee’s components are compatible with a variety of well-known tee brands, so you don’t have to replace your current tees. With the adjustable Infinitee Positioning Arm, your athletes will be able to practice making solid contact through every area of the strike zone. Compatible brands include, Tanner Tees, G Tee, Jugs T, MaxOver, SKLZ Pro, Atec Sports, and more. Infinitee is compatible with any tee that uses a plastic rod ⅝ inches (.0625) in diameter as it's final stage of telescoping.

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Infinitee is an authorized dealer for both Tanner Tees and G Tee

We offer a variety of Tanner Tees and G Tees that are all compatible with the Infinitee Positioning Arm. A Tanner Tee or a G Tee combined with the adjustable Infinitee Positioning Arm will allow your athletes to practice making solid contact through every area of the strike zone. We offer Infinitee/Tee combo packs that include Tanner Tees such as the Home Plate style, Tanner Heavy and Tanner Pro. The G Tee combo packs are available with the GT1830 or the GT 1830 Triad with an 18” stainless steel base as well as the GT 2653 and the GT2653 Triad with and 18” stainless steel base. So, if you are in the market for a new tee, look no further than the Infinitee combo packs we offer. You won’t regret it.

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Infinitee Positioning Arm

The essential aspect of Infinitee is the adjustable Positioning Arm. This aluminum arm can imitate virtually any pitch location, no matter which of the nine areas of the strike zone the ball is in. With this, your athletes can take endless practice swings with their desired launch angles and bat paths over any portion of the zone to ingrain consistent swings into their muscle memories. Great hitters use a uniform swing no matter where the ball is, which increases their productivity in live situations when they’re trying to pick up the spin of the ball out of the pitcher’s hand because they focus more on following the ball than adjusting their swing.

Why Do You Need Infinitee?

Infinitee is a must-have upgrade for your tee. This innovative new product is going to change the way you use your tee. When you combine the height adjustability from the tee itself with the radius adjustability of the Infinitee, you get the most comprehensive hitting tee possible. You can cover the entire strike zone, all without moving the tee base. Fast, efficient, and better training is available now for a very small investment. Compare Infinitee to other multi-position tees, and you will see why it is a must-have for all players, coaches, and parents.


Improve Your Swing Training With The Infinitee

There Are Plenty of Benefits of Using The Infinitee That Improve Your Game

If you’re looking for a tool that frees up time during your team’s practices and allows your athletes to practice taking a consistent approach to pitches in all nine areas of the strike zone, Infinitee is the tool for you. Here are some of the infinite benefits of using Infinitee with your athletes:

  • Teach your baseball and softball players to cover an infinite number of hitting locations. 
  • The aluminum that makes up the Positioning Arm can withstand hard hits, so you don’t need to worry about damage.
  • The custom-made Infinitee Positioning Arm fits on a vast majority of tee brands, which means you only need our kit, not a new tee.
  • The movable Positioning Arm allows you to quickly and easily adjust the pitch location instead of moving the entire tee.
  • The Universal Home Plate addition is a full-scale addition, which allows your athletes to properly visualize pitch location when using Infinitee.
  • By allowing your athletes to endlessly practice hitting certain pitches, they can create a consistent, muscle-memory swing.
  • The portability and ease of assembly make Infinitee a must-have addition for any player or team. From Little League all the way up to Pro.
  • By training your athletes to have consistent swings across the entire plate, they can focus on picking up the location and spin of the ball in a live game.
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